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Awesome awesome job, reminds me of the Style of Sealab and Harvy Birdman!


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Nice work, I know how much work goes into an animation like this. Awesome enviornments, I like how you did a nice job of making the facility seem huge. Maybe toss on some grungy textures to it, sense its an abandoned facility it shouldnt be spotless. Rust, dust, grease smears, oil leaks, etc. I liked the guy actually. and nice camera work looking through his helmet. Only suggestion i have, and others have said it to, his walk/run cycle were a bit rough. He covered a tad too much distance for the run you had for him and he didnt transfer his weight at all. Even robots have to shift weight from leg to leg to distribute the weight of the body. Now some will argue that he could be in space so gravity is different but even then the arch of his run was a little flat for that. But that just comes with practice and constant observation. Like I said before, over all nice work, and im looking forward to what you do next!

Spider Powers 8 Spider Powers 8

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Worst Roommate Ever! Worst Roommate Ever!

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Awesome comedic twist! From the stuff thats been on the front page lately I assumed that he would be exactly what everyone thought he was doing. Loved the voice acting. Animation was average, but it wasnt about the animation, it was about the joke and the punchline. You could have done this with stick figures and pulled it off. Nice work!

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Typical COD Gamer Typical COD Gamer

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Im not fucking like that

U mad bro, for cereal, this meme is totally newfag esk....

Just kidding, nice work. love'd the rage face. It reminded me of every 14 year old on the other end of my headset!

Dot Dot Dot - Animated Dot Dot Dot - Animated

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! for finally making fun of nerd rage in such a way that hopefully people will proof read their soap box rants before they post them.

Why Terry is Gay Why Terry is Gay

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Painfully Awkward until

Justin Bieber made the whole thing ok!

Awesome Reach Awesome Reach

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They are way too old!!!

They are way too old to be the hardcore halo fan type. The average Halo player is about 14 years old and there weren't enough nonsensical swear words and random adjectives involved to be a true fan. I've never even heard the term "twat-waffle" until I played Halo. Overall, you depicted it nicely!!!

A Really ReallyGood Flash A Really ReallyGood Flash

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I dont get it

Maybe Im not old enough, or maybe Im too old?

Madness Animatic Madness Animatic

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Coming from another animator, I understand how long it takes to make an animation the "traditional way". At 24fps unless capturing in 2's you probably had a STACK of papers when you were done. The only thing I thought that was a tad distracting was how bright the other guys were. It made it hard to pay attention to the main character once they showed up.

De-Line responds:

haha yeah there was quite a stack. This was my first attempt at doing this sort of thing, i was surprised how much paper it takes me make something that was what.. 20 seconds long? lol
thanks for the review, glad you liked it.